You’ve reached Cazacraft, thanks for taking a look at my work. This little studio is all about lively patterns, vibrant colors, and dimensional layers. Artwork here isn’t just printed, but die-cut, assembled, finished by hand, or uniquely crafted in some way.

This work is inspired by my early career roots in architecture, current passion for contemporary design, and an overall urge to do something more hands-on than the digitally printed reproductions we often see today. As a creative art production studio, the materials, finishes, and layers are integral parts to the pieces on this site.

I am currently not taking on any custom, commissioned artwork, but if you are interested in branding, infographics, or other visual communication services, please visit my other studio, Caza Creative, for more information.

When not in the studio I like to spend my time on pandemic mood-boosters– playing boardgames, eating good food, and enjoying the outdoors. I live with my husband and doggo in Portland, OR. 

– Caroline Czajkowski